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Golden Retriever Puppies in Colorado

English Cream Golden Retriever breeder focused on family-raised goldens from our home near Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

what makes us different

Dog Breeders

DNA Health Tested

Healthy Golden Retriever puppies in Colorado start with healthy parents. All our pups come from dog moms who have been Embark genetic health tested.

Health Warranty

You can have peace of mind when you choose one of our pups with our 2-year genetic health warranty.

Pet Insurance

We know it can be scary to think of unexpected veterinarian bills due to injury or illness of your dog, so we partnered with Trupanion to provide you with 30 days of Pet Insurance Coverage.

Super Dog Training

Better known as Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is one of the best things you can do to kick start your dog’s social skills. All our furry friends will have completed the SDT program.

Child Socalized

We wish to acclimate our puppies to different types of sights, sounds, and ages of children to equip them for their life to come.

Video Updates

Our YouTube videos help you see how the pups interact with each other, as well as our small children. We continue with video updates to keep you informed while you anxiously await the day you pick up your furry friend.

Puppy Breeds

Golden Retriever Puppy

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

About the Breeder

 At Golden Crest Retrievers, we carefully select canines with good temperament and health for breeding to ensure they produce of spring that make great family members. One of our focuses in our breeding program is family dogs, and our poochies get a jump start in this category by being raised around our young children.

We have learned firsthand how important early neurological stimulation (ENS) and socialization are to a young dog. We believe it dramatically improves their social skills and gives them a head start in learning to love and trust their human companions. Before the puppy’s eyes and ears open, they are held daily, thus learning to trust people.

Our fur buddies are handled regularly; even our children love spending time cuddling and playing with them.

Our Nursery

whelping box with golden retriever and her puppies
puppy nursery
puppies pen

Our doggie nursery has stainless steel whelping boxes, which are more hygienic than wood boxes.

The nursery is climate-controlled, with evaporative cooling in the summer and hot water-heated floors in the winter. Hot water heat is a much safer and more effective heating source than heat lamps.

We use a unique potty tray system to help keep the puppies out of their feces. This method is believed to be more hygienic than using dusty wood shavings, which do not prevent the goldens from stepping and playing in their feces.

We also use absorbent blankets that are changed daily and washed in our commercial washing machine in HOT water to help kill bacteria.

What Sets
Us Apart

Family Raised

Played with by young children

Enrichment Toys

Can enhance your pup’s ability to learn

Early Neurological Stimualtion

Encourages a healthier response to stressful situation

Genetic Health warranty

Up to 2 years of age

Steps for Adoption


Submit an Application

We invite you to take the first step in the adoption process by filling out and submitting an application form.


Place a Deposit

After your application is approved, you can make a deposit. Once your deposit is received, you will be placed on our active Waiting List.


Choose a Puppy

The picking order is based on when you have placed your deposit. In-person picking day takes place when the puppies are between 6 and 7 weeks old.


Take Home Day

Adoption day is when the pups are 8 weeks old and have passed their health examination by a licensed veterinarian.

Are We The Best Colorado Golden Retriever Breeder in Colorado?

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted”
Matthew 23:12

While we strive to be the best Golden Retriever breeder in Colorado, we would rather you check out our reviews, read what our happy puppy families have to say about us, and decide for yourself.

We hold to high breeding standards and use the latest advancements in DNA testing to ensure we are not passing on genetic issues to our puppies. Our dogs spend their day sunbathing, playing with toys, and running and playing with other dogs.

Our beautiful dog moms are well cared for and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. We do not overbreed our canines and ensure our mamas are in good physical condition before breeding. 

We provide all our dog parents with a premium diet and a clean place to raise their puppies. Our mamas have a doggie door, so they can take a break from their fur babies as needed, though they want to stay close to they young most of the time. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Google Reviews

100% five star

We had a great experience with Golden Crest! Robyn was incredibly responsive to all our questions and provided weekly puppy updates with video/pictures. Excellent product recommendations and overall a great breeder. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a golden doodle or retriever puppy!
Drew Hammerbeck
The Otto Family helped us find our newest family member. We adopted our puppy through them. Robyn and Mark were very friendly and willing to answer any questions we had. They kept us updated while we were waiting to bring our pup home. You can tell they really care about their dogs. They texted me a few days after we brought him home just to check in to see how he was doing. It was a great experience working with them!
Brianna Russo
My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Golden Crest to get our new puppy! The communication was quick yet thorough. Everything was explained so well to us. When we went to visit, we could tell everything was clean and well run. This is indeed an ethical breeder to work with and our puppy is perfect. Thank you Golden Crest for giving us our new family member.
Allie Barron

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Golden Retriever 


Refundable Deposit... Really?!

We are one of the only breeders who offer a refundable deposit  (minus a 10% processing fee) up until you pick out your furry friend at 6 weeks old

What is ENS?

Early neurological stimulation (ENS) is a series of exercises that are designed to stimulate a puppy’s developing nervous system during their first few weeks of life and been shown to have a profound impact on development.

What about OFA & DNA testing?

The dog’s parents are DNA tested to help reduce the risk of passing a genetic disease or defecting their offspring. We also have OFA certifications on our parent dogs. 

Golden Retriever Puppies Near Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo

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What You Will Receive

  • Licensed Vet Health Check
  • First Month of Premium Dog Food
  • 2-yr. Genetic Health Warranty
  • 30 Days of Pet Insurance
  • Life-Time Breeder Support
  • ID Microchipped
  • Collar
  • Blank with Mom’s Scent
  • Heat Beat Cuddle Puppy
  • Poopbag Holder
  • Peace of Mind – Parents are DNA Tested
  • Video Updates of Growing Puppy
  • Up To Date On Vaccinations
  • Regularly Dewormed
  • Access to All Medical Records Via Breeder Cloud
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Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retriever Puppies in Colorado

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