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· Golden Retriever & Mini Goldendoodle Breeder in Colorado ·

DNA Health Tested

A healthy golden retriever puppy starts with healthy parents. All our doggy parents are Embark genetic health test.

Health Guarantee

You can have peace of mind when you choose a puppy from us with our 2-year genetic health guarantee.

Pet Insurance

We know it can be scary to think of unexpected vet bills due to injury or illness, so we partnered with Trupanion to provide you with 30 days of Pet Insurance Coverage.

Super Dog Training

Better known as Early Neurological Stimulation is one of the best things you can do to kick start your puppy’s social skills. All our puppies will have completed the SDT program by 2 weeks of age.


We take no chances; we make the additional stride in microchipping each of our puppies before they go to their fur-ever families. Increasing the chance of a safe return if your puppy is lost.

Video Updates

Our litter videos help you see how the puppies interact with each other as well as our small children. We continue with video updates to keep you informed while you anxiously await the day you pick up your puppy.

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Golden Retriever Puppy

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Mini Goldendoodle Puppy



Golden Crest Retrievers & Doodles, owned by Mark and Robyn Otto with the help of our 3 children, is a small Golden Retriever & Goldendoodle breeder in Florence, Colorado.
Even though my husband has employment outside of dog breeding, we do not consider ourselves to be hobby breeders. We enjoy the puppies like a hobby, but we take it seriously as if it were our main line of work.


We had several pet Rottweilers before we had children, and we soon learned that Rottweilers think they are lap dogs regardless of how big they are or how small the human is and so our small children were not able to “hold” them. Later we adopted a Golden Retriever puppy, and our son says “I love dis dog, she doesn’t poosh me” so we decided the Golden Retriever is a better fit for a family with small children because of their medium size and very gentle nature.


Best Golden Retriever Breeder in Colorado?

Whatever you do, do to your best ability. This is not only a goal but a way of life for my husband. Spending many hours doing research on how to better our breeding program to provide families with the healthiest, loving companions.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted”

Matthew 23:12 KJV

Even though we strive to be the best Goldendoodle and Golden Retriever breeder in Colorado. We would rather our past puppy customers speak on our behalf.  We are fortunate enough to have been blessed with many good breeder friends that have shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with us. They have been a very valuable asset to our breeding program.

In addition to the latest advancements in DNA testing, our beautiful golden retriever moms, and plenty of Colorado sunshine we believe our breeding program is on the right track.

We have learned firsthand how important early neurological stimulation is in the early stages of the puppy’s life. We believe that has greatly improved their social skills and gives them a head start in learning to love and trust their human companions. Now that we have seen the improvement it has made, we incorporate ENS with all our litters. The Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle puppies we raise will have completed the Super Dog Program (ENS) by 2 weeks of age.

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All Our Adults Dogs are DNA Genetic Health Tested

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30 days of Pet Insurance Coverage Included with Puppy

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We will gladly let you know when we have a new litter of puppies available. Submit the form below to be added to our Notifications List! 

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