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English Cream Golden Retrievers vs. American Golden Retrievers

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ENGLISH golden retriever VS AMERICAN golden retriever

You might think the only difference between the American Golden Retriever and English Golden Retriever is the shade of their coat. Here you will learn there are multiple differences between the English and American Golden Retrievers, as well as many similar characteristics.  We will compare their size, temperament, breed standards, and which kennel clubs recognize them.  By the end of this article, I hope you will better understand the English and American Golden Retrievers.

Let’s dive in!

English Cream Golden Retriever vs American Golden Retriever


Let’s start with the American Golden Retriever. It is a breed known for its beautiful coat and loving, loyal personality. Friendly and willing to please their masters. American Golden Retrievers have a more energetic personality than their English cousins.

Origin of the Golden Retriever

Originally from Scotland, they were bred as hunting dogs to retrieve waterfowl. It may come as no surprise these Goldies love water. Fun fact: Golden Retrievers are bred not to bark as often as it may frighten the waterfowl.


American Golden Retriever standard heights are:

Males 23” to 24” at the withers & females 21½” to 22½”. 

Standard Weights are, Males 65 to 75 lb. and females 55 to 65 lb.

Broad in the skull, straight nose. Round eyes, and not slanted in any way. Short ears with the front edge behind and slightly above the eyes and falling in line with cheeks. The ears should be able to cover the eyes if pulled in front of the face. Coat color can vary from cream, blond, or red

English Retriever standard heights are:

Males are 22-24 in. and females 20-22 in.

Standard Weights are, Males 65 to 75 lb. and females 55 to 65 lb.

The Head is Balanced, well-chiseled, and broad with a powerful muzzle that is wide and deep.

English Goldens tend to be stockier with larger heads. The coat color can be light cream to varying shades of golden—no red or mahogany.


As young dogs, the American Golden Retrievers are known to have higher energy levels than English Golden Retrievers. English Goldens tend to be more laid back. 

Life Expectancy

American Golden Retrievers have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. English Golden Retrievers have a life expectancy of around 12 years.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a little more understanding of the two Golden Retrievers, you may be able to identify an American Golden Retriever vs. English Golden Retrievers. Besides a few differences these goldens may have, the American and English Golden Retrievers are very close to the same. They both come from the same bloodline in Scotland, with their differences being where they are currently bred and the breed standards for that country.

English Golden Retrievers follow the UK Kennel Club breed standard.

American Golden Retrievers follow closer to the American Kennel Club breed standard.

Both dogs would be ideal for a family looking for a fun-loving, energetic dog to play.

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